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Slidely Show App Review

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If you’re into taking and sharing photos (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) there’s a new slideshow app on the block, and we can confidently say that it may rock your world. Slidely’s recent app addition, Slidely Show, allows you to take your favorite photos from your device’s camera roll and social media accounts and create share-able slideshows for your friends, family, and colleagues.

How does it work? When you launch Slidely Show, you are able to collect photos from your linked social media accounts, camera’s device, and other sources. Mix and match your favorite photos, and then add music from your device to create a personalized, professional slideshow. In just moments, you have a slideshow that captures your favorite moments synched to music that fits the mood. The finished slideshow zooms in and out of your selected photos as music plays, and you can send it via email, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Slidely Show has a glossy, intuitive design that makes it easy to access your photos and then re-share them across social media. Its low-key focus on user experience makes it simple and quick to create a finished Slidely that you can redisperse, which isn’t always the case with some photo apps on the market. While Instagram is great for filtering and sharing edited photos to social media, it doesn’t have the capability for slideshows like Slidely Show.

Although you don’t have control over which part of the photo Slidely Show zooms in on, the ability to take photos easily and integrate music makes it unique. While other video-creating apps may allow for more editing effects and advanced features, Slidely Show’s biggest attribute lies in its simplicity and share-ability. You can take photos from your Facebook, create a Slidely Show, and then re-share this slideshow on Instagram within minutes. Slidely Show offers a good opportunity for businesses looking to follow up with clients after an event, friends re-capping a great night, groups wanting to re-live their vacation, and more. It is versatile because it can be used for many moments, depending on the user’s creativity. Slidely Show only does one thing (make slideshows), but it does it well.

Slidely Show doesn’t include filters yet, and it also doesn’t allow you to control which part of the photo is zoomed in on, which makes some photos appear off, but don’t let that hold you back – it’s by far the most comprehensive social-media slideshow sharing tool on the market.


The Price: Free and available on iTunes.

127 Champoints Facebook 7 StumbleUpon 50 Twitter 8 Google+ 59 LinkedIn 3 127 Champoints ×

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    thanks is there any paid services within slidely or is it like magisto?