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Best Sales Apps For iPad at 2014

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Your iPad should take orders from you to help you take orders for others. Sales reps today no longer rely on disorganized notepads and handwritten receipts for order-taking – they are quickly catching up with the times, and there are plenty of iPad apps on the market to help simplify order taking and tracking. We’ve rounded up the best of the best order-taking apps to help make life in sales easier for you and your team. Here are the best order-taking apps for iPad, complete with functions to help your team reduce order-taking mistakes, become more efficient, stay on top of your tasks, and skyrocket your orders.


#1: WRNTY’s SupeRep


WRNTY’s SupeRep is the leading order-taking and sales app for good reason. With a host of intuitive tools and beautifully designed functions to simplify every part of the order-taking and sales process, SupeRep is quickly becoming many sales rep’s new best friend. With tools to help with cataloging, order processing, inventory management, and post-sales analytics, SupeRep makes taking orders more efficient.

Additionally, their tools come packed with variants and prepacks, mix and match options, units of measurement, minimum orders and case quantity, and indicators for orders places that are below the minimum price or out of stock. SupeRep’s categorized to-do lists and task management system helps teams stay on top of hefty workloads while assessing current goals and targets.

SupeRep is valuable for both order taking and selling: not only does it store customers’ account information and keep up-to-date records of inventory and past and current orders, but the detailed product catalogs can be integrated with images, multiple and special price lists, and multi-catalogs. Reps can also increase orders with special discounts and up-sell and cross-sell by campaign. In addition to SuperRep, WRNTY also provides sister applications, SuperBiz, a B2B sales order management software, and SuperVOS for cloud management of your sales and order accounts.

SupeRep may have higher per user pricing than some competitors, but you get what you pay for. With the cost per user, you get unlimited storage, users, and SKUs.



#2: Handshake lends a hand to wholesale orders


Handshake is one of the top apps for wholesale sales reps and comes packed with functions to help wholesalers easily write, email, and store orders. A huge perk of Handshake is the ability to scan barcodes directly from your device’s camera. Additionally, you can email order confirmations and print copies instantly with AirPrint and the app is integrated with Excel so catalogs can be intuitively and instantly integrated. Handshake also supports multiple currencies, making it perfect for globetrotting wholesalers.

All transactions made through Handshake on your iPad are instantly synched to the online web server, so managers can access individual rep sales and orders for their whole team. Merchants can access up-to-date inventory in the online customer portal at any point in the transaction process.


#3: Lettuce


Like its other order-taking app competitors, Lettuce is available for a free trial before you commit. Additionally, Lettuce provides free high-quality customer support and helps you through every part of the set-up so you can dive into using the app quickly. Once you get set up, like SupeRep, you get unlimited SKU’s and customers, which is a huge perk for teams dealing with large amounts of customers.

Compared to Handshake and SupeRep, the analytics dashboard is the biggest perk of this app. Not only is it extremely UX-friendly, but it comes with the option for store-specific analytics dashboards.

Like other order-taking apps, Lettuce can be easily integrated with helpful order-taking tools like Quickbooks and Shopify. Lettuce is great for teams on the go, with the ability to automatically create and print packing slips and shipping labels with integration with FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Google CloudPrint. Their multiple user and sales rep capabilities comes with an automatically updating feed where users can comment on current orders. This way, no one is out of the loop, and sales reps can view the most current order statuses, instantly place an order, print a confirmation, and get a package on the way with minimal hassle.



The breakdown…

SupeRep, Handshake, and Lettuce all offer great tools for different needs. So which one is right for you? The best way to know is to try them out, but as a general rule, SupeRep is the go-to app for big sales teams who need unlimited capabilities at a reasonable rate, Handshake offers great wholesalers perks, and Lettuce is perfect for those who do extensive amounts of shipping and need the ability to send off shipments quickly and instantly.

There’s no way to say which order-taking app is the perfect one for you and your team, but we can promise you that these apps all offer plenty of tools to simplify your life.

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