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What are the best music apps of 2014?

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In case you haven’t noticed, your smartphone has become your best friend and it is no exception when it comes to music in our life. Obviously you can listen to music (which explains the fact iPod sales are on decline every year), you can find new sources for new artists, you can create your own music and much much more.

Here are our top music apps for 2014.


Shazam (Free; Multiple Platforms)

I’ll start by stating the obvious – shazam is probably the best (and most popular) music app in the world. Any given list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning it, but there’s no need for further explanations. The idea both simple and brilliant – just one tap and in seconds you will find out who is the artist and what is the name of the song. Scrobbler (Free; Multiple Platforms) is the most popular social network in the world for music lovers. Now you can scrobble your music from your smartphone as well. According to Urban Dictionary, When automatically sends the name of each song played by audio player, they call it “scrobbling”. So yes – Last.Fm is that popular it deserves it owns verb.


Spotify (Free/$9.99 sub; Multiple Platforms)

Here’s a fact – Spotify is the most popular (and profitable) streaming service in the world. You can literally find any artist in the world there (with a few exceptions like the Beatles or Thom Yorke, but that’s a whole of a different story).


SoundCloud (Free; iOS, Android)

What can be better? SoundCloud offers a free streaming app, which can be a great platform to find thousands of new artists. Zero commercial breaks, which is a really big plus.


 SoundHound (Free; Android, iOS)

The best alternative for Shazam. Would you like to recognize the tune that’s playing in your head for hours and drive you bananas? No need to wait for the radio for using your shazam. Just sing or hum to your smartphone. Surprisingly, it works like a charm most of the times.


Songkick (Free; Multiple Platforms)

Songkick is the music lover answer to TripAdvisor. Are you up for a short weekend in Berlin or Amsterdam? All you have to do is search for the city, dates and music genre. Maybe it’s your lucky day and your favorite band is playing only 10 minutes’ walk from your hotel.


Google Play Music (Free; Multiple Platforms)

The proper Google’s answer to Apple’s iTunes. You can listen to thousands of radio stations on the fly, created by Google’s music experts. Lately, Google used its enormous database from google Play to create music timeline which is beautiful but far from being accurate .


Stereodose (Free; Multiple Platforms)

We saved the best for the end. This is probably the less unknown app on the list. Stereodose describe themselves as the ultimate internet radio for drug-inspired music. Just choose your drug and your mood and you’ll get a very good selection of playlist which taken right from SoundCloud (so no commercials in here either). The downside – regarding apple’s strict terms over explicated content (drug oriented included) the drugs aren’t mentioned by name and have been replaced by names such as “Jelly Beans”, “Sugar Cubes” and “Marshmallows”. Go figure it out yourself.


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