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Best Travel Apps of 2013?

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Apps are rarely more useful than when you’re travelling, everything’s new, you don’t have access to your computer, and are overwhelmed with information and possibilities. There are thousands of useful travel apps out there, but we’ve selected five of the stand-out travel apps of 2013 for our guide.



The ultimate review site has launched an app which brings their user generated reviews to the mobile. Wherever you are in the world, the huge Tripadvisor database will include reviews of everything from hotels to restaurants, attractions to tours, and more. The app also features offline city guides, and allows you to download maps of the city you’re visiting! Whether you’re looking for things to do in Berlin or places to eat in Bogota, Tripadvisor’s massive listings of user-generated reviews will definitely have answers. It might not always be spot on (that’s the problem with human-generated reviews), but the breadth of its coverage is unbeatable.



Waze is one of the most talked about apps of 2013, following its huge acquisition by Google. The app is a must have for any traveller, its social based GPS navigation covers most of the world, and in some regions, it is said to have even better map coverage than the government records. Waze is totally free to use and is the ultimate app if you are driving in any country in the world. Once a map has loaded (using an internet connection) it’ll remain open (with the route active) without the connection, making it super-useful for overseas roadtrips.



Visiting a new city is a great opportunity to dive into the local music scene or even hear one of your favourite artists who happens to be in town at the same time as you. The problem is, if you’re travelling around, and looking for concerts in Berlin one day, and events in Munich the next, you can so easily miss the best ones. SongKick is easy to browse with nicely laid out and categorised listings, but even better, allows you to track concerts from your favourite artists, so you’ll never miss out again.



Viber puts an end to the huge phone bills that you always used to face when you travelled abroad. The app, which is totally free, allows free calls and messaging between users, and integrates directly into the interface of your phone, meaning it’s lighter and more stable than Skype. You need a wi-fi connection to use it, but once you are connected, you can forget about being in another country and talk like normal to friends back home.



Passbook isn’t an app in itself, but its integration with hundreds of other apps provided by airlines, stores, restaurants, and pretty well any other type of business, is exceptional. Store your airline boarding pass, the discount coupon for your favourite store or restaurant, and your concert ticket all in one simple to access place, and forget about having to carry around pieces of paper again.

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