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Zooper App Review

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Calling all App Champ gamers!

Mango Factory presents players Zooper, an addicting match-3 game.

Don’t be put off by the silly music and innocent-looking graphics – this is not a children’s game, although its intuitive design makes it simple for anyone to play and understand.

The first time you play, Zooper asks you to sign in with your Apple ID, prompts you to create a screen name, and set your permission settings for making your profile public and connecting with friends from your address book. When the first round starts, the rules flash by quickly, but don’t worry if you don’t catch everything.



With a bit of experimentation and a few minutes of play, Zooper is easy to get the hang of. The fast-paced game drops images of multi-colored animals on the screen, and you move the animals around either with the touch of your finger or by tilting the screen. The object is to connect at least three matching animals.

After achieving this, you whirl one of the animals to cause the matched group to burst and disappear from the screen. This clears up precious screen room for more of the quickly dropping animals to fill in. If you get groups of 4 or above, the animals receive special abilities, such as a bomber animal, an electrified animal, or an anti-gravity animal. Each of these help you get rid of more animals at a time so you can win points and advance in the game.

The game challenges players ability to match quickly, and advanced players can connect combos of animals with special abilities to even further raise their score. It’s a game of both speed and wit. At first, it is easy to advance in levels, but as the animals drop quicker, it becomes progressively harder. The game is also interactive – you can connect to your Facebook account and to Game Center if you wish to compete with others.


The Good: Simple to grasp, but continuously challenging.

The Bad: The music was a bit irritating and even after turning the sound off, the game continued to make noises at certain points.

The Cash: Free for a limited time on the Apple iTunes store.

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