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Bouncy Ball App Review

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Calling all brick-breaker fans!


Bouncy Ball, released by South Korean-based Raon Games, is here to prove that complexity isn’t always the key to a great game. As proven by classics like PacMan and Snake, sometimes the most addicting games are the simplest.

Bouncy Ball is a brickbreaker-style game available for both iOS and Android that brings it back to the basics. Bouncy Ball has no-frills graphics and easy-to-navigate interface, yet just because Bouncy Ball appears simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Even novice gamers can quickly become experts at Bouncy Ball, which is easy to pick up and hard to put down.

To play, users tap either side of the screen to move a perpetually bouncing two-dimensional ball towards the goal of a star, avoiding obstacles and aiming for boosts.




The ball only moves when the user taps the screen and will bounce up and down if no motion is commanded, and there is not a time limit on the stages. This becomes an asset as the game adds increasingly complex puzzles to challenge players.

Although there is not a sense of time pressure while playing, the quick motion of the ball can be hard to control, especially if it becomes stuck in corners. Aiming the ball properly to avoid obstacles like spiked bricks or moving through the layered levels requires dexterity and proper timing.

The game itself runs smoothly and has an extremely quick loading time for stages. One pitfall is that the advertisements appearing on the top can be a distraction and incoming text or notification messages on some devices can interrupt play. While the interface is easy to navigate, the lack of instructions can make it difficult to understand how to access the different modes (Classic, Social, and Sandbox).

A big perk of Bouncy Ball is its opportunity for infinite play. Gamers can unlock over 20 pre-installed worlds and 800 stages. On each stage, users can choose between Easy or Hard mode. Furthermore, users can create their own stages in sandbox mode.

In addition to offering a chance to create stages, Bouncy Ball emphasizes the opportunity for social interaction with other players. Users can share stages they have created with other users in the Online Map store and download and play fellow users’ stages. Users can also challenge other players in Social mode by hooking Bouncy Ball up with your Google Plus Account.



The Good: Easy to understand and hard to put down.

The Bad: Advertisements and incoming text messages can impose on the top of the screen and distract from play.

The Cash: Bouncy Ball is free in the Google Play and iTunes App Store.


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