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MemoZy Makes Task Management A Breeze

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Hey Champs, what’s up?

I have been quite busy lately, with new applications buzzing out and photography projects. I have not written for a while, but this application kinda caught my attention.

Boasting to be the most usable and functional task organizer app for the iOS , DesignPlusD Inc. have come out with MemoZy. Once you have thought of an idea, reminder or to do list, you simply open the application and touch it in. The default setup breaks the screen down into “To Do,” “Private,” and “Work” note taking areas.

You can create additional note area, by dragging up on the bottom of the screen. To color code various note topics of the screen, there are six different header colors. The theme is thus made of these solid colors keeping the app simple and to the point.


Each main note header can be swapped around to where you decide, where you want to place it on the screen. Once inside a certain note, you just tap and slide away. A simple long tap helps you move that word or phrase up or down in the note.

A short right swipe highlights an entire word or phrase and a long swipe in the same direction cancels the entered text, without erasing it. To erase, it is a long swipe to the left. By highlighting a word or phrase, you can move the entire row of text that has been entered below it.

MemoZy works good in both portrait as well as landscape modes, on iphone, ipad and ipod touch. Sounds effects and vibration add a nice touch to the application. I made it my go to app for quick accessibility.

Now once you are done with updating your note or notes, you can send it either by email to the ones’ you choose or sync it to your other iOS devices. MemoZy has the instant two-step sync between devices; When you backed up the app on your iPad, you could then restore it on your iPhone.


The Good: Simple, to the point and easy to use.

The Bad: No reminders.

The Cash: On the house!




26 Champoints Facebook 11 StumbleUpon 3 Twitter 4 Google+ 7 LinkedIn 1 26 Champoints ×

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