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Why Is Candy Crush So Addicting?

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“I can’t stop playing Candy Crush! Why is it so addicting?”


You can admit it – you’re hooked on crushin’ those glossy candies in Candy Crush Saga. Whether on your phone or Facebook, it just tastes so sweet when you successfully blast two special candies together for that last move win. Almost too sweet.

Like many of the crowd-favorites that have come through the App Store, whether it’s Angry Birds, Draw Something, Dots or the like, Candy Crush Saga has stolen our hearts…and a lot of money out of our pockets if you’re a fanatic. But why exactly is Candy Crush so addicting? Here, we take a look at some of the causes of Candy Crush addiction.

Simple Simplicity

The game is so simple, and it’s been done a million times in a million ways. It’s pretty similar to Tetris, with some special effects built in. Candy Crush is easy to learn, and you get better as you go, which is always satisfying and a feeling easy to get addicted to.


One of the best parts about Candy Crush is the change of scenery with each new level. Fresh challenges await you after each win, ramping you up for the next level and adding to the excitement of the game. Unless you’re stuck on a level for too long (which happens, trust me), you’ll never get bored busting candies out of cages and trying to bump the chocolate off the board with each new variation.

Even the game mode changes between hitting a certain point level in a certain amount of time, clearing all the jelly, or reaching a certain point level in a given amount of moves. In that same vein, another feature that makes the game so appealing is that running out of lives only sends you back to the start of the level, whereas losing in some games requires you to start at the beginning.

Play Anywhere & Everywhere

The fact that it’s an app for iOS, BlackBerry, and Android as well as a Facebook application means that we have Candy Crush at our fingertips at any given time – in bed, on the way to work, at work, back at home, in the middle of the night when you can’t fall asleep because all you can think of is candy crushing, etc.

The Social Element

Most popular apps today contain some sort of social element, tying the game into the players’ social networks, usually Facebook. Candy Crush is no different, and the competition that comes with seeing your friends’ scores helps create more buzz around the game. I actually found out about Candy Crush through Facebook, so it also leads to the virality and mass popularity of games like Candy Crush.

It’s FUN. Period!

It’s a great time waster (when you have some time to waste), and the satisfaction that comes with getting the maximum 3 star rating on around you finished in one try is just too delicious to miss!

Are you playing Candy Crush yet? What got you hooked?

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