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What Is Candy Crush?

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“What is Candy Crush that everyone keeps blabbing about?”

So – you’ve heard the magical words, and now you want to know more about the game that’s taking over the world … and all of its free time.

Originally a Facebook game released in early 2012, King, the company that developed Candy Crush, made the game into a free app with available in-app purchases (to buy lives) and the rest is sweet, sugary history. Let us take you through the basics of the app with the increasingly massive following.

The goal of the game is to connect three similar candies, as many as possible in the amount of moves given. Meet each level’s three star target and move on to the next level with your new points. The puzzle game lets you crush your way through different levels, hosted in a game board much like one of my childhood favorites, Candy Land.

If you miss the level goal by failing to score enough points before  running out of moves, you’ll ‘die’. At this point you’ll need to either wait 30 minutes to “resurrect” for a free life, buy a new life, or beg a friend via social media to lend you one.  New players do get five lives by default, so die wisely at the beginning, if possible. Throughout the levels there are various special features, including boosters, candies with special effects and more.

Today the Facebook version hosts 425 levels, while the mobile app has 365 up for play. Log in through Facebook to share the love with your friends or start playing as a guest to get going and see how many delicious levels you can ‘crush’ today!

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