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How To Cheat On Candy Crush – Without Cheats

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“Candy Crush has taken the life out of me. I might as well cheat before I give up. How can I cheat there?”


If you’re one of the millions playing Candy Crush, the insanely addicting puzzle app game available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry, you’ve most likely been in one of the following two situations after failing on a level too many times:

  1. Begging Facebook friends for an extra life, or,
  2. Buying new lives while wondering where your life is heading.

Both suck, but we’ve all been there: That 30 minute waiting period is rough on those of us with ambition (read: little to no patience)! So we decided to give you a few tips and tricks to help you live longer and score lives quicker!

Cheat Time On Your Phone: This has to be the best trick, if only because it’s so easy and gets your lives back in no time.

The trick? Cheat your phone into thinking that it’s a few hours ahead and you’ll be good to play again with a full set of lives! To do this, just head to your phone’s settings, select ‘Date and Time’, remove the automatically set option, if your phone offers that feature, and turn forward the clock at least two and a half hours. But always make sure to turn your clock back after you’ve finished ‘Crushing’! We don’t want anyone freaking themselves out when they wake up at ‘4 pm tomorrow’!

Jelly Blasting Trick: On a level with jelly to blast, keep in mind that you only truly need to worry about the edges, corners and bottoms. They’re the most difficult to get rid of, so crush them as soon as possible in a level to clear it up for more combos.

Go For The +5: On a time trial level, you should try and go for as many combos that contain a +5 as possible, which adds five seconds to your time. Always be sure to know which kind of level if you’re in at the beginning by checking the bottom of the screen to see if there’s a countdown or not.

Stir Up The Ingredients: Some of the levels in Candy Crush require you to get ingredients, usually apples and cherries, to the bottom before running out of moves or time. To do this, you need to switch the ingredients around on the board, trying to move each cherry and apple down by creating combos and swiping the ingredients to create ‘crushing’ opportunities. On these levels, you’ll only pass if you get all the ingredients down, so be sure to focus on that.

Don’t Trust The Game – Automatically: During play, if you don’t make a move for a few seconds the board will light up a hint. This is nice, but it won’t always highlight the highest scoring combo. Beware. If you feel like you don’t have any moves, feel free to use this option, but try to avoid it if you can and make moves on your own.

What are you waiting for? Get Crushing already – and be sure to let us know if these cheats and tricks work for you!

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