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iDocs To Replace iPhone’s Basic Notes App

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Gone are the days of relying on the pesky iPhone Notes application for your mobile writing needs. Cairo-based Beleela recently released its newest app to add to your suite of word processing tools. iDocs allows you to access, edit, and share Microsoft Word documents from your iOS device.

iDocs allows you to view existing documents or create, edit, and save new MS Word files from your iOS device. iDocs is compatible with classic .doc and .docx files as well as many other file formats, which is a huge perk for anyone whose been frustrated when trying to download an email document just to find their iPhone wasn’t able to read the file format.



You can also share your files via email, wireless print, and organize your files into folders (with the added capability of zipping and unzipping). You’re able to convert your Word documents to PDF format right from the app, and iDocs is integrated with Dropbox and mobile browsers so you can download files on the go.

Like other iOS Word application tools, iDocs is fully integrated with the native iOS spellcheck, dictionary, and international language capabilities. It also offers in-app text alignment, line and paragraph spacing, and text formatting tools, such as bolding, italics, underline, and strikethrough.

Obviously, writing from an iPhone or iPod touch is not ideal, so iDocs is best used on these devices as a document-viewing tool. Although it’s compatible with many file types, line spacing and font sizes are sometimes displayed wrong when translated from computer-based files. Additionally, moving around in the app can get confusing at times if you need to switch from downloaded files to what you’re working on at the moment.


The Good: iDocs offers a great alternative to other Word application tools on the market with tons of added features.

The Bad: iDocs can load slowly, and the formatting from PC/Mac MS Word does not always translate well.

The Cash: Free on iTunes for iPhone, iPad, and iPhone touch.


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