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Moxtra App Provides You With Multi-Tasking Skills

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Calling all App Champs!

I’ve got a cool new app for you.

Moxtra is an app, web service, and suite of cloud services that makes storing and sharing your projects in one place easier than ever. Created by a WebEx co-founder, Moxtra seeks to simulate the function of a binder by collecting different data types into one uncluttered portfolio for easy access and collaboration.


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The binder metaphor works for this app, which fuses the functions of many popular project-sharing and data-storing apps in one place. It combines the slideshow-sharing utilities from apps like SlideShare and SlideRocket, the collaborative editing and live meeting features of apps like GoToMeeting, and the remote-desktop storage of apps like Box and Dropbox.



Moxtra enables you to compile almost any type of digital content – from photos and videos to webpages and email attachments.

You can use Moxtra to store your professional projects or personal portfolio and easily share content on social media or for collaboration with colleagues.

People who you share your binder with can type out suggested edits and point out areas of interest with the highlighter, blue arrow, or red spotlight. Moxtra also allows you to add voice-over edits, which can be a nice personal touch or beneficial if you have multiple questions or comments.

The seamless interface of Moxtra allows users to see their content as a glance, as if flipping through a binder. There is no need to waste time individually opening files.


The Good: This multitasking app seamlessly combines the functionality of many apps in an easy-to-navigate interface.

The Bad: Moxtra is all about collecting and collaborating, which means you won’t be able to actively create content in this app. Also, you can’t create multi-layered folders, leaving you limited if you need layers of subfolders.

The Cash: Moxtra for iPhone and iPad is free on iTunes.



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