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Ultimate Stick Fight App Is Nostalgic And Fun

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It has been a while hasn’t it? I’m back with my next review. It’s time to go old school, back to arcade games and the one-on-one street fighting games that we use to never get bored of!

Ultimate Stick Fight is all that, saving the city from the evil powers of the Dragon Crime Family. Coming to the rescue are Ryan and Slash. Ryan, a sword master while Slash is basically zen with his stick skills.

Both buddies have each 20 moves and styles to master. As u tap away learning the way to martial arts, you will come across different combinations of moves such as punches, kicks, juggles, sliding techniques, spins and more.

Once you have started letting off some steam, be the ultimate fighter by mastering built-in combos for attack combinations. At times you got to know just more than good moves. Hence, go crazy throwing boxes, dumpsters, phone booths etc, at your opponent.




Initially the application had issues of it crashing, while at times a green screen would just appear in the middle of your play, which needed a re-start of the game, thus erasing your points or upgrades during that past moments that you gained.

But Dragon Nest Studios with their efforts and hard work did clear most of the bugs and now is a very popular game with gamers.

The cost of the game is worth it. Taking you back in time, giving you that 2D graphics experience like many of you might have played on those tall, stand up machines and joy sticks.

In total the application has 40 stages with 8 different environments. If you think you are better than the application thinks, you can select your level of difficulty. 3 to choose from.

As you kick butt and show who’s boss, you earn stars and coins. Though IAPs are not available, you can purchase new combos and upgrade existing skills to unlock new moves.

Ultimate stick fight runs smoothly on smart phones and can very well be your stress buster. Its not a complicated game to learn; When you have nothing better to do, just whack the hell out of your opponents.

Though the games 2D graphics are good on a smart phone, they do get a little blurry on a 7″ tablet. And with a few updates, its a non-stop stick fighting marathon!


The Good: Retro 2D graphics combat action, easy to learn, runs smoothly on most smart phones, cheap.
The Bad: Graphics are a bit blurry on tablets, needs a few updates.
The Cash: 0.99$


You can find out more at the App’s iTunes, Google or Facebook page.

42 Champoints Facebook 10 StumbleUpon 19 Twitter 4 Google+ 8 LinkedIn 1 42 Champoints ×

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