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Can I Make My iPhone A HotSpot?

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“Can I Make My iPhone a Hotspot?”

If you are running on iOS 4.3 and higher, then yes!

However, it may cost you.

Setting up your iPhone as a hotspot allows you to share its wireless data connection with other nearby devices via WiHi, Bluetooth, or USB.

The iPhone imitates a wireless router for the other devices.

However, if you have been grandfathered into an unlimited data plan, be warned: setting your iPhone up as a hotspot could jeopardize the deal.

There are two ways to set your iPhone up as a WiFi hotspot: legally and illegally.

The legal option is to go to Settings > Personal Hotspot > and toggle the on/off switch (if you’ve already set up your hotspot) or follow the iPhone’s step-by-step directions for setting one up.

If you Jailbreak your iPhone, you have some other options…

While Jailbreaking in and of itself is not illegal and does not void your warranty (you can restore it to an un-Jailbroken state at any time), Jailbroken iPhones have access to the Cydia store, which includes hotspot utilities like MyWi.

Through this (and other apps), you can customize your hotspot settings by settings passwords, etc.

So what are the setbacks? Using your phone as a wireless hotspot will drain its battery (especially if you are using it through Bluetooth).

To avoid this, you can attach your phone to your laptop via USB and allow your phone to charge as you use the WiFi.

The reality is that if you plan on using the hotspot today on an iPhone, it’s just a matter of time before you have to pay.

If you use it minimally, you may never get caught by your provider.

I’ve had MyWi for years, but only use it in case of emergency. A few have come up, but they’ve never resulted in AT&T (my carrier) forcing me to upgrade my data plan.

In the end, it may just be easier to get a MiFi card which will provide 4G wireless hot-spotting for a minimal fee.  

They range from $20-60 a month depending on data usage and doesn’t require jailbreaking or catching the ire of your wireless carrier.

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