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Is Android Better Than iOS?

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“Decisions, decisions, decisions… Whether a developer or a plain user, should I go for Android or iOS? Which is better, gosh darn it?”

The Android vs. iOS debate is one of the longest ongoing battles today in the world of technology.

What it comes down to is what you are looking for.

Are you a developer wondering which to use to launch your new app? Or are you a consumer looking to purchase a new phone and confused on which better suits your needs?


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Android and iOS are tied in many ways for developers, and ideally a developer should have releases for both operating systems.

Apple has the single largest market shares, while Google also has numerous manufacturers on their side. Globally, iOS wins in North America, while Android is more popular in Europe.

For consumers, the argument boils down to your personal needs. iOS has been a long-time favorite, but new updated features on Android, such as the Predictive Keyboard and Miracast, make Android more competitive than ever.


The Looks

While iPhone has always prided itself on its sleek, understated look, it hasn’t changed much over the years. In contrast, Android constantly updates and changes its look.


Ease and customization

iOS has an easy-to-navigate operating system that is easy to get used to (and addicted to).

However, it’s difficult to customize unless you jailbreak your iPhone.

As an open face platform, Android is built for easy customization, and if you are a long-time Apple user, it may take you awhile to get used to the new operating system, but after you do, many people love it for how easy it is to customize.



If you want to have a variety of devices to choose form when picking your new phone, then go with Android. Android operates on many different phones, while iOS is only available on Apple products.



iOS often receives complaints about its maps, although it does have a 3D feature. Android has GoogleMaps (including Google Street View), public transit directions, and more accurate and reliable maps than iOS.


Backing up data

Apple iCloud is built into the operating system, so you can automatically sync and back-up your data. Android syncs to your Google Account using Google services.


Whatever decision you may take, the AppChamp force is with you!

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